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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear. What does it mean that success is as dangerous as failure? Whether you go up the ladder or down it, your position is… Read more


Softness Now that the Forces of Light have fought their way in here, it will take four years for them to bring the global-ego to its realizations. It has to be shown its lies and platitudes,… Read more

The Currency Of Kindness

The Currency Of Kindness A most powerful force is kindness. It seems to have a life of its own. It´s like a manifested organism multiplying on the inside and the outside. Highly contagious. There are levels… Read more

Raiders of The Lost Heart

Raiders of The Lost Heart We live in the final hour of the Matrix. No doubt that it knows this and it’s trying to hurt as many as possible in its death struggle. The collective abuse scale is so blatant… Read more

New herbal organic teas ...

Our herbal teas have been crafted, using organic ingredients.
Not in tea bags, our loose-leaf herbal tea is fragrant and delicious.
They are calming, refreshing and protecting tea.  Read more

Lavender Spirit

One of the world’s most beautiful flowers yields a small miracle in a bottle.
The New Spirit Oil comes from 100% pure certified organic lavender.

10 ml Cobalt blue Glass with Stainless steel roller ball.  Read more

New Bracelets

New Bracelets, Amethyst, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Black Tourmaline.  Read more

Blue Oil

Blue Spirit Essential Healing & Protection Oil
This fine oil protects your energy, soothes your body and clears your mind. The smallest of applications immediately releases our aromatic sweet peppermints. Rejuvenates with Roman and German chamomile… Read more

Christos Water Bottle

An Anomoly in the Water

Christos Water Bottle The Christos Water contains the energies and codes of the Christos Anomaly; it is placed in a bottle inside a bottle so that you can touch it without changing…  Read & see more

The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything

Weekend Seminar-In-A-Box Series

The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything In this entertaining and informative audio series, Stuart Wilde lays out the tactics and nature of the Fringe Dwellers mentality -- how to be  Read & see more

Agua Sulis Stones

The last of Agua Sulis Stones from Stuart

Agua Sulis Stones The stone is just a tumbled crystal but it is one of the most powerful stones in the world. It has an information field inside of it. And inside that information…  Read & see more

Lavender Spirit Spray

Combined it with Stuart’s visionary Christos Water

Lavender Spirit Spray We have taken our amazing lavender from the Spirit of Lavender line and combined it with Stuart’s visionary Christos Water…  Read & see more