The Sulis Stone has become a friend during my evening meditation. It is sacred to me; it generates…

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Our Story ~ The Sacred Tears of Gaia

Our story comes from beyond our own awareness and individual creative ideas, the story lies within Gaia herself.

As Gaia evolves she is also reclaiming herself from the degradation that humanity has infected her with, and with this comes a massive, multidimensional energetic transformation. It has already started, and within this transformational time an ancient remembering has begun making information lost for an age and energies long silent awakened and return.

We have left the alignment of ego, mind and programming and instead have chosen to realign ourselves with Gaia, in harmony and with respect. Through reestablishing our own natural connection to her we have been guided to create this venture.

The people, the company and this web site are a way and a means to interact with you and share what we are able to offer. For those of you who sensed something within and followed it here we would offer you some knowledge, experiences, items and tools that can assist you on your own personal journey of reclamation.

Much of what is and will be offered here cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A unique and powerful knowledge that has been shared with us of this ancient remembering that has already begun and exists here and now.

Thank you for coming, we would hope that you would help ease Gaia’s pain, and in doing so heal your life.

The Sacred Tears of Gaia

For those of you who wish to make a donation towards the healing work and future healing centre...thank you.