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My Sulis Stone has become a treasure to me. I carry it everywhere, sleep & meditate with it…

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I am a professional psychic and encounter
I bought a black tourmaline bracelet at Stuart's healing workshops in Las Vegas. I am very psychic and sensitive and it makes me feel so much clearer and well protected.…
T. G., Toronto, ON - Canada
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Healing from the Aqua Sulis Stone
When I opened first opened the box I could feel it the energy of it expand out of the package right away. Holding it in my pocket that night, tears…
David M, Bright, Victoria - Australia
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Bracelets and balancing
The bracelets certainly do help with balancing, decompressing and restoring a sense of peace and well being. things that nagged longer a bother. I plan to make a knitted…
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Never owned a stone or crystal of any type before…
As someone who has never owned a stone or crystal of any type before, I was very excited and a bit skeptical about it all. But after getting it, I…
B. K., Iowa - USA
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Too Much to Mention ...
Too much to mention .... I have been keeping a daily journal of events since joined the Club. One entry made early in lessons...March 8...had stone on my 3rd eye..…
P.M., Florida - United States
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Bluish Energy Pushing Head Down
First of all, a very big thank you to Stuart for all of this, when I first held the stone it felt like there might be hope for me after…
M.G., Whitehorse, Yukon Territories - Canada
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With Extreme Gratitude
I just know the stone is very alive. Very high energy and feels very holy in essence. I miss it when I don't have it with me and I feel…
A.M., California - United States
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Seeing the Matrix a Lot
I have slept with the stone since I received it except while I was away for 2 weeks. Kept losing it in my sleep and was paranoid about losing it…
S.A., Nanaimo, British Columbia
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