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The Mystery of the Sacred O

By Richard Tyler & Stuart Wilde

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The Mystery of the Sacred O, is a
collaboration between renowned new age author Stuart Wilde, and music composer Richard Tyler. This album consists of twelve songs that honor the earth spirit Gaia, and the masculine (Ka), and feminine (Om) creative energies of our Universe. Meditative, ambient, and yet thought provoking, each song guides the listener through the heart, and offers an alignment to the perfect symmetry of love.

“The golden female Om is as vast as eternity. Ka’s light travels through Om’s universe to light up her world, and cool himself down. Their children are the stars and galaxies. The pulse created by these two energies is at 240 beats a minute, and this collection of songs honors their love and the eternal pulse they emit. The Sacred O, some listeners can feel it deep inside their soul.” Stuart Wilde

Album Tracks & Lyrics[o] | [x]

Unite Us Together3:57
“Spirits of love unite us together
mother of earth forgive us forever
heal my heart breath love to guide me
and in the end all will be set free”
Sacred Pulse4:43
(Translation ...)

“Behold the beauty of gaia
adverse forces be gone!
victory to the lion of the tribe of judah
gaia rules
alleluia alleluia”
Hand in Hand3:52
“Warm rain of she-she-la-la
feel our pain distant mother
hand in hand from whence they came
there they stood in gaia’s name
be my strength oh mystic brother
om and ka sacred lovers
hand in hand from whence they came
there they stood in gaia’s name”
Transcendent Waves of Light5:53
(Instrumental) “Transcendent Waves of Light was inspired by a celestial vision. I was with close friends of mine in a beautiful radiant world of bright white light ... Complete oneness and bliss.” (RT)
Brave New Dawn4:36
“From the heart of song
flowed the pulse of om
dulcet tones of birds
where the first sound heard
then came ka in flight
bringing forth his light
starshine laced with love
the raiment high above
be gone all evil ways
here’s the song of days
and the daughter warns
of a brave new dawn”
The Love of Trees3:13
(Instrumental) “The Love of Trees was written in honor of the trees. How they purify earth, realign our symmetry, and stand tall as humble temples of Gaia.” (RT)
Standing on the Earth4:40
“Forward in the darkness there is only space
can you feel the morning light shine on your face
brightness feels no brighter than before the dawn
which way will you choose when you’re the last man
the last man standing on the earth
looking in the mirror of a holy place
can you feel your lover’s breath when you’re all alone
brightness feels no brighter than before the dawn
which way will you choose when you’re the last man
the last man standing on the earth”
Gayatri Mantra5:32
“Om bhur bhuvaha svaha
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yonah prachodayat”
Perception and Sensuality3:31
(Instrumental) “Perception and Sensuality was originally a short backing track for a Stuart Wilde video. I liked the melody, and felt that it could be expanded into a full-length piece. This ambient song is about feeling gratitude for all of the beauty that surrounds us. Expanding ones feelings and taking notice of the busy bee, the softness of a lovers caress, and the birds singing the songs of heaven.” (RT)
In the Air5:19
“We see ka walking up upon the rainbow
of her last nights dream glorious queen
so amid the glowing om special knowing
glow golden fazes of god’s bright faces
the pulse more brightly set upon the ending
space-time is bending starts again once more
in the air in the end”
Heavens Star's in Motion6:30
“Heaven’s stars in motion
sunlight to earth devoted
ocean’s wings will guide thee
darkness is gone behind me
forest light all a quiver
oscillates a fast shimmer
open door silver sword
love’s love to us afford”
Hands of Service2:21
“Most blessed is the hand that points the way
most blessed is the hand out stretched in friendship
most blessed is the hand stretched over a shoulder, in comfort and support
most blessed is the hand that toils for our food
most blessed is the hand that feeds the children
most blessed is the hand that writes the poems of love
most blessed is the hand that plays the music to comfort our soul
most blessed is the hand raised to block tyrant
most blessed is the hand that protects us in times of trouble
most blessed are the hands joined together in reverence and prayer
most blessed are the hands cupped to drink from the waters of life
and all these hands are part of a greater hand are they not?
the hand of god”

About Richard Tyler

Richard moved from Vancouver, Canada to New York in 1991, and studied classical keyboard and composition while mingling with the underground electronic music scene. After his studies he relocated to London where he recorded six ambient albums and several film sountracks. His most recently completed projects include the albums "Frequencies - Sounscapes of the London Tate Modern", "Omen", and a sound installation for Art Basel Miami.

About Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde is considered by many to be one of the greatest living metaphysicians in the world today, many of the most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers have privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work.

He executive produced and was the lyricist on the music album Voice of the Feminine Spirit, and later produced and was the lyricist on two albums of Celtic music, Voice of the Celtic Myth, and Creation, and wrote the book and libretto for Tim Wheater’s oratorio Heartland.


     Lyrics written by Stuart Wilde and Richard Tyler
     Vocal performances by Sarah Leonard and Stuart Wilde
     Vocal recordings engineered by David Lord
     Music composed, performed and produced by Richard Tyler
     Mastered by Nathan James at the Vault Mastering, New York

© Tyler & Wilde 2010

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