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Plum Red - Taoist Tales of Old China

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“I’m excited about Plum Red. I first started it ten years ago. Our connection to the spirit of the Tao is vital, for it speaks of our nostalgia for eternity. Through nature and the Tao, we purify our soul, allowing us to climb gradually to new and safer levels of awareness." "Purity allows for a higher perception." —Stuart Wilde

Plum Red is a collection of stories about a group of Taoist sages called, The Sages of the Plum Red Robes. They lived at the time Lao Tzu in 500 B.C. The tales are magical and inspirational; Stuie Wilde at his best! Each story is laced with many teachings of the heroism and tenacity of the human spirit, and the making of a bond of love between you, nature, and humanity. In these short stories, you’ll find the delicate simplicity of the Taoist way, a valuable tool much needed in these complicated times.

from the book...

The old sage took a plum red sash from his pocket, and tying it ceremoniously around the girl’s waist, he said, “Come with me.” He took her hand and they followed a rocky path up to a cave that was very dark. Inside, the old sage asked the girl to kneel, then he knelt beside her. From the back of the cave was heard the sound of humming, and within a minute or so thirty-three hooded sages walked in and took their place in seats that had been hewn from the rock. There was a soft glow of blue-white light emitted by each of them and in the middle of the floor one could see a sword plunged into the rock. The handle and hilt were ornamented with jewels and gold and it shone with a radiant light . . .


1. The Thirty-three Sages of the Plum Red Robes 5
2. The Mysterious Gardener 18
3. The Blind Healer 34
4. Stepping Stones in the Valley of Black Marble 44
5. The Place of the Goose with the Crossed Bill 55
6. The Fisherman’s Three Daughters 63
7. The Masked Tiger 89
8. A Sacred Bond of Love 102

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Stuart Wilde is considered by many to be one of the greatest living metaphysicians in the world today, many of the most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers have privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by him. Best known for his works on metaphysics and consciousness he is also a lecturer, essayist, humorist, scriptwriter, lyricist, and music producer. He is the author of twenty books to date.

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